Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration

Welcome to Derin’s Water damage restoration service, we are a locally owned company that specializes in restoring any damages caused by water and even massive damages caused by floods in Jacksonville fl since Florida is no stranger to flooding damage, water damages can be caused by various factors like a pipe burst, ice dams, fire damage restoration, broken sprinklers, or natural disasters like floods.

We at Derin’s Water damage restoration service are highly trained technicians, always at your service 24/7, we respond immediately to any emergency relating to water and flood damages on your property because when dealing with water damages immediate action is required, we are locally owned and operated. 

We do a survey and test to determine the extent of damage and how far the moisture has traveled to ensure complete and proper restoration, we also inspect for safety precautions, if there are any safety issues like asbestos we pay absolute attention to it. You can be sure to get the absolute best customer services from us in case of any emergency.


Our services

Move out service

Our service is to help you with efficient move out anywhere around Jacksonville if required to protect your belongings from any damage.

Inspection and damage assessment

We inspect and find out the source and cause of the damages before making evaluations and immediate solutions to stop it and provide water restoration.



Cleaning and repair

After our drying process and water extraction and restoration services we use dehumidifiers, commercial heaters, and air movers to get your properties that were affected by the water damage back to the way it was as fast as possible.




We have specialty tools we use during restoration which includes dehumidifiers, extraction equipment, and air movers. The restoring process would require some repairs here and there like the reconstruction of some various parts of the property, replacing drywall, tile or hardwood floor repair, painting, etc.

We are always at your service anytime and anywhere in Jacksonville.

Water removal and extraction

We have various water removal and water damage restoration types of equipment available in Jacksonville like hygrometers and moisture detectors used to determine the extent of the moisture saturation. 

We also have infrared cameras we use to find hidden waters behind walls, portable extraction unit for efficient water removal and submersible pumps for continuous pumping of high-level waters.


For the drying and restoration process, we set up a  containment barrier no matter the cause of the water damage be it flood or a burst pipe.

It also provides dust protection. We also make use of air movers to create airflow across the furniture, walls, carpets which are exposed to the evaporation of moisture and dehumidifiers to prevent secondary water damage like molds growth(in this case we also provide mold remediation services), swelling of floors, walls, etc we use this equipment to help dry your home and we monitor the progress with moisture meters until we are sure the materials are totally dry, we also make use of wet vacuum, large fans, and pumps to dry indoor surfaces.

Water Damage Jacksonville FL

Asides our great customer service and 24 hours a day emergency services in Jacksonville fl, we take crucial steps in taking care of your water damages and restoring your property. With our water restoration and fire damage services

  • Identification- We first make a detailed inspection of your property including a water damage assessment, we find out the area of the damage so that we can develop an appropriate plan of immediate action on the damages before it gets worse.

water damage jacksonville

Stopping the source of the water- after identifying the source of the moisture in your property, the source of the water has to be stopped first before any successful restoration or drying can take place, we stop the source and check for contaminated water. We also identify the classification of the water damages to ensure we restore your property based on industry guidelines. The level of contamination of the water affects the specific restoration process we would use, we have three types of water that can be found to cause the damages we have clean water, black water, and gray water.

water damage restoration jacksonville fl

  • When working we move any property in the way to prevent furniture stains and rust. We isolate the affected areas from the rest of your properties so that dehumidification and cleanup can take place as soon as possible.
  • When we are done with the inspection and damage assessment step, we begin with the water extraction process, this step helps to remove the majority of the water. We make use of truck-mounted Vacuum unit and powerful pumps to remove the thousands of gallons of water on your property. We begin the removal process almost immediately, removing most of the water helps to reduce the drying time and prevent further and secondary water damage like molds.

water restoration jacksonville fl

  • Nearly all building materials like woods and flooring materials have the ability to retain water, they may appear dry when the moisture has been removed but with a quick inspection, you will realize they are still wet to touch. This water retained in the materials can cause the materials to break down or cause mold damages.

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  • We set up containment booths for the drying and restoration process.
  • Asides cleaning your property structures we would help clean your belongings affected by the water like your furniture, walls, ceilings and also help with the odor removal the water damage is most likely to cause, we would also assist you to remove and dispose of damaged materials.


water damage restoration jacksonville

We have a fast and prompt response emergency services in Jacksonville but however, before our arrival, your safety should be your number one priority, in any case of water damage or issues caused by floods, fire outbreaks, etc you should always make your safety come first. Follow these tips to stay safe

  • Avoid any electrical hazards
  • Be every careful of slippery areas
  • Keep out of rooms with sagging ceilings especially the ones caused by fire.

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