Water Damage Arlington

Water Damage Restoration in Arlington

A laundrette operated their business in the Arlington area of Jacksonville, FL. Tenants lived above the premises and normally everything was okay. One day however one of the tenants left the bath running and this flooded the entire premises. This was devastating to the business and it meant that a lot of their equipment needed to be replaced. Not only was the above property ruined, but the underneath laundrette Water damage arlington Jacksonville, FLwas ruined as well. This made things incredibly difficult for the business owners, but that was when they called Water Damage Pros Jacksonville to come and get the restoration done. They used state of the art technology to remove any excess water from the premises, as well as making sure that the flooring was kept in the best condition possible. This was incredibly difficult however as the water had soaked through the entire floor, but as the business owners acted quickly, the situation could be rectified.
The local company used drying and airing equipment to reduce the chance of any mould from growing in the area and they also made sure that the premises was completely clear after use as well. They worked with the business owners to make sure that everything was okay after the job had been done and they even offered to lend them their support as well while they got the repairs done. This turned a seemingly disastrous situation into one that could be solved with a few hours of very hard work, and before you know it, the laundrette was open for business again. The water damage restoration company even worked with the laundrette to make sure that the electrics were okay and they aired out the above apartment as well.

This made things a lot easier when it came to re-carpeting and it also reduced the chance of such a problem ever happening again.