About Us


The Water Damage Pros are a local company that has strong ties to the Jacksonville area and is staffed with experienced experts in the field of repairing water damage. We are proud that our business is a strong part of the local economy providing jobs and a needed service. Our employees come from the community and many of them are leaders in it. Overall our restoration company is made up of skilled and educated people who have Jacksonville Water Damage Restorationlong worked to do their best on whatever task is before them. One of the reasons that we work so hard for the citizens of Jacksonville, Florida is that we know them and the places that we work on. Our clients aren’t just customers but our friends, family, and neighbors. The buildings we repair aren’t just worksites but people’s homes and lively hoods. Because of this what we do isn’t a job but a commitment to provide the best service to the community, our community.

To fulfill this commitment we gathered a group of dedicated people then give them quality training and the most advance equipment allowing them to handle just about any water damage restoration job. Whether you’re facing mold or some leaking pipes working to solve the problem is our priority. So when an accident or disaster hits and your home or business gets damaged call us and we will develop a plan to fix the problem then impediment it so you can get on with your life. Trust us to give you back what’s precious to you because it’s also precious to us.


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